Due to COVID-19, shipments could be delayed by up to 2 weeks

Our Story

Canadian Liquids Processors is part of Emterra Group, one of the largest recycling and waste management companies in Canada and in the State of Michigan. Waste and recycling is an essential services and our employees have been fearlessly going to work every day during the pandemic to deliver services to communities and businesses to keep them safe and clean. When we started making our hand sanitizer, we did it for our employees and their families. We wanted to make sure they were safe and had reliable access to a high quality and safe product during COVID-19. However, once we realized the severity of the situation around us and that we had the means to support expanded production, we retooled our plant and secured Health Canada approval so that we could safely share our product. 

To date, Canadian Liquids Processors (CLP) is the only company in Canada diverting unconsumable beverages and their packaging from being landfilled or poured down the drain. We start by making a pure ethanol that we then blend to make our hand sanitizer.

We now donate up to 10% of our production to essential service workers, community organizations and first responders. So far, we have donated hand sanitizer to the following causes/organizations:

  • Ronald McDonald House
  • Paramedics
  • Fire Department
  • Cancer Assistance Programs

This has been a humbling and empowering time for all of us. We never would have thought we’d make hand sanitizer, but like everyone else, we had to think outside of the box and act outside of our comfort zone to reinvent our business and do good for the community. The result is an environmentally-friendly product that positively supports both the planet and our communities. We are really proud to be able to do this.

    CLP is proud to be a division of Emterra Group. For the full story, please visit our website.